What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design?

In this post we are going to be specifically blogging about what is graphic design and what is consists of.

Graphic design is a form of art, it is a creative plan in which you use images or symbols to achieve your desired look. Graphic design is how you can get your business across to your customers in a more visual way and communicate with them by using various graphic elements and different design tools.

There are certain elements to graphic design that you can use for your website. I have listed a couple below:


The colour of your website is definitely an important one. Whether your website has colour or doesn’t have any colour at all, it is important that you understand the different approaches and how different colours can have an impact on your website. (Check out Vox Local for colour theme ideas & web design Staffordshire)

Borders and shapes

With blank spaces on your website it is often a good idea to fill them in with content that is surrounded by a border or using a certain shape to make a section of your website appear different, giving it that extra creativity kind of feeling and a unique outcome.


With your content, it is crucial that you break it up into section, that is where dividers will come in handy. A line between two pieces of content can make all the difference. It can make it look clearer, bolder and also more eye catching and visitors are more likely to read content that isn’t blocky and awkward to read.


Photos are a big part of graphic design. A photo can say a thousand words regarding the quality of your business. Web designers can provide a website with different kinds of images and different ways they have produced those images. An image can tell a story so it is important in graphic design.


Getting noticed

Graphic design revolves around your website getting noticed by the way it looks and how it visually attracts your visitors. Graphic designers us a variety of methods which involve creating images, using symbols and creating and combining words together which create a visual representation of the business’s message that they are aiming to get across to their audience.

Graphic design is a visual problem solver

With the use of text, photography, colours, illustrations, symbols and textures, a graphic designer is able to draw in the audience by visually attracting them to your website and ensuring that all of the above are used in the correct way to ensure the audience is engaged and your website has their attention.

Communication skills

Communication is everything in web design; it is a necessity when it comes to attraction. It is all about communicated with your client and discussing what the problem is and providing them with the outcome they wanted. Once you can establish what the problem is, graphic design will then come into place and graphic designers will begin their magic by communicating with the targeted audience visually and getting a message across to them to attract them to you in a positive way.

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