What is good customer service

So, what does customer service mean you may ask?
Customer service is what customers are provided with while buying or using a service or goods. Meeting a customers needs is all about experience and when you have that perfected, you should know that the customer always comes first as if you don’t perfect it, bad customer service can result in sales being lost and customer relations being broken which could end up in your customers leaving and taking there business elsewhere which is more than likely heading to your competitor.
In a second, a person can judge you. In just one second, a customer can make up their mind on whether or not they want your product or service! That is how easy it is to loose a sale and once that has been done, there is no going back and no matter what you say or do, the customer will not buy or use your service or product, it is a fact.
When your customer first speaks to you, whether that is on the phone, by email or face to face, they should be your main priority and all of your focus should be fixated on them and them only because they are coming to you, so you should help them.

At Made by Jordan, we believe that customer service is 100% the most important thing about owning a business and without good customer service, you may as well just pack the business in now and sell up shop!
Remember, you want them as a customer, so treat them with respect and help them in any way you possibly can, it’s what is important.

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