How Important Are Sitemaps?

How important are sitemaps?


A sitemap is extremely important to have when having your own website as a sitemap is what informs a search engine on what pages you have available for a search engine to crawl. Basically, a sitemap is what helps search engines to navigate easily around your website, just like using a geographical map to find where you are going. A sitemap helps them to understand where everything on your website is located and can therefore help search engines to index your content better and easier as well as helping users of your site to navigate around your website quick and easy without confusion or fuss.


A sitemap is a file on which you can list all of your web pages that belong to your site in order to tell the entire search engines what your website and business is all about with your content. A sitemap is how search engine crawlers, such as, Googlebot crawl your site and learn about your business and major search engines recommend them.


Do you need a sitemap?


If your website includes links to your pages, site crawlers are able to use those to intelligently crawl your site but for some businesses it isn’t as easy. If your website is rather large, it becomes easier for web crawlers to miss a page or overlook some of your content if it is recently updated or has been recently created, this is why it is important to have a sitemap as it stops them from missing important pages on your website.


There are so many different ways that can help you to optimise your website and an important one that is often forgotten is the importance of having a sitemap. A sitemap is an important way of communicating with other search engines as sitemaps make it easy for Googlebots to navigate around it. A sitemap is part of a web design practice and is always important to undertake when having a website designed.


Not only does a sitemap make it easier for navigating around your website, it also makes your website more visible by the major search engines. Sitemaps inform search engines when there have been any changes to your site, which is very beneficial when you are updating your website and want to have the content approved quickly and put out into the web world as quickly as possible. That being said, search engines don’t always rush and have your websites updates checked over as quickly as you would want but it is proven that your content will be indexed a lot faster if you have a sitemap on your website compared to if you don’t.

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